#13 - E-Myth: Work on your business, rather than in it


30 March 2021

13 mins 41 secs

Season 1

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About this Episode

E-Myth is an excellent book about business, especially for helping small businesses grow without them burned out.

I like the book's structure by telling a story about Sarah, a small pie Store owner struggling to survive on her own business. She worked 12 hours per day. She gets used to working as a technician rather than an entrepreneur. The author met Sarah as a mentor to help her to think about things from a different perspective and improve the shop business step by step. This is a great way to share some theories with the audience by telling a great story. Show characters struggle, and what are the specific actions that they can do? How they cope with the problems. Finally, what was the result?

Also, the whole book is about building a system without involving personality, which means that even people change, your business won't be impacted.

And another part of the book, which I found quite helpful, is an example of how two or three co-founders can run a business by defining each role and its responsibility for the business. It could be just the founders initially, but later, if they have better candidates, they don't have to spend all the time doing the technician work. They can hire someone who can do the job. And document all the steps with precise measurements so that anyone can pick them up.